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"Yona Levy Grosman is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose artistic activity comprehends paintings, video art, drawings, poetry and essays. By her choice, she lives and works in the Negev, the southern part of Israel which is mostly a vast desert. And the desert is the most influential factor of her artistic work. It seems that her whole creation is an attempt to understand, sometimes to conquer, sometimes letting herself being captured by the desert's power and magic. One may refer to her work within the romantic paradigm of the sublime, on one hand the admiration of the vast landscape, on the other the realization of the insignificance of human beings. Her paintings reflect the desert topography, the harsh and blinding light, the emptiness. She uses heavy texture and bright colors keeping the acrylic glossiness. The painting's surface reflects the desert dunes, but the acrylic glossiness bestows a sense of artificiality. The large canvases echo the desert infinity. Sometimes the artist adds to the main painting other painted canvas that act like and break the rectangular format. 
Her style is figurative with abstract tendencies. But her paintings are by no means realist. They invoke the historical and cultural roots of the desert which is the borderline of two civilizations, ancient Egyptians and the Biblical Hebrews. It has symbolist affiliations, and above all the love of this rough country" Dr. Sorin Heller (Museolog Independent Curator)

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