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Yona Levy-Grosman

133 - Oil on canvas 90X140 cm.jpg
286 - Oil on canvas 105X120 cm.jpg
77 - Oil on canvas 100X300 cm.jpg
121 - Oil on canvas 110X130 cm.jpg
123 - Oil on canvas 90X90 cm.jpg

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"Yona Levy-Grosman unites with the desert. She is the desert. It is this desert that leaves its fingerprints on her works. The topography of the fingerprints is the desert. A three-dimensional, many layered topography. A topography of crevices' of rocks. Of ancients landscapes. A splinted topography.

Alone in infinity – kneeling before the brilliance, Gnawed and reuniting, her act is that of Creation.
The desert winds join her in their unique hum, The thrilling desert whistling, And carry it like a Joshua tree across the open spaces And it floats and creates its haven from the sea of hardships Creating the ultimate refuge Closed in and attentive to the silence of the world." Professor Dan Kedar 

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